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The law firm of Runyon & Runyon has a long-standing reputation in the community for providing professional, goal-oriented legal representation for individuals charged with crimes in Tennessee. Attorney Frank J. Runyon leads the criminal defense practice of the firm.

His prior experience as a decorated police officer, detective, and sergeant with the Clarksville Police Department provides a strong backdrop for how the law firm is able to provide a comprehensive review of the factual and constitutional issues in providing clients with strong and thorough criminal defense representation.

The Potential Consequences of a Charge Deserves Professional Attention

Tennessee has an array of laws that provide prosecutors with authority to pursue charges for an alleged theft. Theft and property crimes can bring significant consequences if an individual is convicted of the charges. The impact of a conviction can include a loss of freedom, significant fines and collateral consequences that may arise outside of the justice system, such as an adverse impact on job, military, or academic opportunities.

Theft crimes may involve allegations of theft of property, including money, or the theft of services. The use of force, violence or fear can result in robbery charges. Technically, a burglary charge may or may not require allegations of an actual or attempted theft. Allegations of entry into a structure with intent to commit a crime may result in a burglary charge.

What is Theft Under 500 in Tennessee?

Property theft valued at $500 or less in Tennessee is a Class A misdemeanor. The penalties for this offense include:

  • Up to 11 months and 29 days in jail
  • A fine of up to $2,500

The dollar amount of the stolen property grades theft in Tennessee:

  • Class A misdemeanor: Theft valued at $500 or less
  • Class E felony: Theft valued at more than $500 and less than $1,000
  • Class D felony: Theft valued at $1,000 or more and less than $10,000
  • Class C felony: Theft valued at $10,000 to $60,000

Trusted Law Firm in Clarksville Providing Robbery, Theft & Burglary Defense

Clarksville criminal defense lawyer "J." Runyon is well-respected in the community and the criminal justice system for his thoroughness in investigating, reviewing and challenging theft, burglary, robbery and related charges. J. Runyon served in law enforcement for 12 years before turning his attention to criminal defense. He has a deep understanding of criminal law from all angles and is diligent in zealously guarding the rights of clients.

The lawyers at Runyon & Runyon steadfastly adhere to the principles that each client deserves attentiveness to his or her most important concerns, straightforward answers about all available legal options and rigorous legal representation focused on obtaining the most favorable outcome.

Prospective clients of Runyon & Runyon may send the firm a confidential message using the online contact form or call (931) 805-4445 to arrange an initial consultation.

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