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Forged Prescription Drug Crimes Attorneys in Clarksville

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Law enforcement agencies aggressively investigate drug offenses in Tennessee. A common misconception is that the use of prescription medications will not lead to a criminal charge. Many individuals accused of a forged prescription drug crime are shocked to learn of the charges. Many have never been in trouble before.

Well-Rounded Criminal Law Experience for a Vigorous Defense

Clarksville criminal defense lawyer Frank J. Runyon is a former drug unit sergeant with the Clarksville Police. He is deeply familiar with the local court system and the lawyers, police officers, clerks and prosecutors involved in drug crime allegations in Tennessee. Since 1998, he has drawn on his past experience to diligently defend clients who have been charged with crimes. "J." Runyon has earned a reputation with former clients, prosecutors, law enforcement and judges for his thoroughness in reviewing the details of a criminal case. He has knowledge of how cases are built and a deep understanding of how to look for weaknesses in the details, ranging from procedures used in gathering evidence to prosecutor's interpretations of the facts and law.

The well-respected law firm of Runyon & Runyon is uniquely prepared to provide effective criminal defense in many types of prescription medication offenses, including those involving allegations of:

  • Doctor shopping to obtain medication
  • Possession of prescription pills
  • Counterfeit prescriptions
  • Forged prescriptions
  • Acquiring medications from a person with a valid prescription

The attorneys at Runyon & Runyon adhere to the fundamental principles of providing exceptional legal representation in every facet of the attorney-client relationship. The best interests of each client are the firm's top priority. In a criminal case, every effort is focused on obtaining the best possible outcome with high importance placed on keeping each client fully informed at every stage.

Turn to the Experience of Runyon & Runyon

To learn how the experience and dedication of the Clarksville drug crime lawyers at Runyon & Runyon can help in rigorously defending against drug charges and help define drug schedules, call (931) 805-4445. Prospective clients may also send a confidential message to the firm using the online contact form.

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