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DUI in Tennessee

Clients retaining Runyon & Runyon for defense against DUI/DWI charges understand that they are retaining a firm with deep experience in the criminal defense arena. From 1985 to 1997, the firm's lead Clarksville, Tennessee DUI attorney, Frank J. Runyon, was himself a lauded police officer, moving from patrol to detective to police Sergeant and serving as the Sergeant over the Vice-Narcotics unit of the Special Operations Division of the Clarksville Police Department. In addition to other achievements, while he was in law enforcement, he was named Detective of the Year for the Clarksville Police Department.

Having been a former police officer and now as a trained lawyer, "J." Runyon, more than most lawyers is very familiar with both the building and breaking down of criminal law cases, to include DUI defense. From his experience of both arresting and defending persons charged with DUIs in Tennessee, he knows how to best defend the case. He is intimately familiar with field sobriety testing, Intoximeter procedures, and reliability issues, and is also familiar with blood testing procedures involving gas chromatography.

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DUI Penalties in Tennessee

Like most states, Tennessee takes DUI convictions very serious. There are many factors that will determine the severity of your DUI penalties. These factors include any prior criminal convictions, any prior DUI convictions, if there are any injuries involved, and if there was a child present at the time of your arrest.

  • 1st Offense DUI conviction in Tennessee are punishable by up to 1-year in jail, up to $1,000 in fines, possible Ignition Interlock Device (IID), and a 1-year license revocation.

  • 2nd Offense DUI conviction in Tennessee are punishable by up to 1-year in jail, up to $3,500 in fines, mandatory IID, and a 2-year license revocation.

  • 3rd Offense DUI conviction in Tennessee are punishable by up to 1-year in jail, up to $10,000 in fines, mandatory IID, and a 6-year license revocation.

  • 4th & subsequent DUI convictions will result in a felony conviction, up 15 years in jail, up to $15,000 in fines, mandatory IID, and a 8-year license revocation.

Why You Should Choose Runyon & Runyon

Just because the police have made a decision to arrest does not mean that a defendant is guilty. J. Runyon is aware, however, that sometimes good people make mistakes. Whether you have made a mistake or been wrongfully arrested, you need a highly qualified and knowledgeable Clarksville DUI attorney. With his prior 12 years as a police officer and the last 20 years as a criminal defense attorney, J. Runyon should be retained by anyone facing criminal charges in the Clarksville area.

Aggressive Clarksville DUI Defense

Our Clarksville DUI lawyer possesses a comprehensive knowledge of criminal defense: he has been to many seminars and special police schools, and he possesses practical investigative skills, which make him uniquely qualified to represent criminal defendants. Having a distinctive police background and as a trained investigator, he knows not only how a defendant's case was likely worked or investigated, but also the prime areas of weakness in criminal cases.

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