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Runyon & Runyon in Clarksville, Tennessee, has been a pillar of the community for three generations. Today, our lawyers continue the long-standing legacy of providing professional, goal-oriented advice and representation for community members in need of assistance with estate planning.

Attorney Ray Runyon leads the estate planning and probate practice at the firm. His knowledge of finances, business law, the tax consequences of estate planning instruments, and his experience in addressing estate planning concerns of clients for more than 19 years are invaluable resources to community members seeking peace of mind through estate planning.

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Why Have an Estate Plan?

Unfortunately, many people don't think about establishing a well-crafted estate plan. They might believe that such planning is only for the wealthy or those who are soon to retire. But estate planning is for everyone, regardless of their assets or age.

If you own any property, such as jewelry, cars, artwork, or even your own business, an estate plan may be right for you. This legal vehicle allows you to determine who gets your property after you pass on. It can also be used to decide the care you receive should you become incapacitated.

Without an estate plan in place, important decisions about your legacy are left up to the state/court. For instance, if you become disabled, the court may designate an appointee to decide on your health care and finances. Or if you die without a will, trust, or other legal documents in place, your property will be distributed according to state laws, which might not align with your wishes.

Essentially, without an estate plan in place, you lose control over decisions that will affect you and your family. Sometimes, when a person's desires aren't clearly stated, lengthy, costly, and contentious legal battles can ensue, placing hardships on all those involved.

If you want to remain in control of your health care and property distribution even when you cannot directly express your wishes, an estate plan is right for you. When you establish a will, trust, or even appoint a power of attorney, you can ensure that your assets and health are managed the way you want.

Our Clarksville estate planning lawyer at Runyon & Runyon is here to provide the compassionate and knowledgeable guidance you need to get started on planning for your future.

What's Included in an Estate Plan?

A solid estate plan accounts for various facets of your life and establishes clear instructions for how they're managed. It can include directions about your property, your health care, and your dependents, among other things.

An estate plan allows you to:

  • Give instructions for medical treatment should you become disabled or incapacitated
  • Appoint guardians for minor children
  • Set up financial protections for family members with special needs
  • Determine how ownership of your business will be transferred
  • Appoint a fiduciary to act on your behalf

When developing an estate plan, you have a lot to consider. Allow our Clarksville estate attorney to walk you through the process. We will take the time to learn about you and your wishes to determine your options. Understanding that you may have questions about how to proceed, we'll be available and ready to provide the answers you need.

Estate Planning & Administration Attorney in TN

Various instruments can be developed as part of an estate plan. Our team can deliver the legal advice and guidance you need to understand what each entails. By getting to know you and your goals, we can help decide which courses of action you can take to protect your future, family, and assets.

Runyon & Runyon has served the Clarksville community, offering client-centered, goal-oriented solutions in these areas:

  • Probate and estate administration Family security through diligent attention to detail in probate and estate administration is the focus of the quality legal services offered by our experienced attorneys at Runyon & Runyon.
  • High net worth estates Tax issues, protection of assets, and the smooth transfer of property should the unexpected occur are vital benefits of a properly drafted estate plan in a high net worth household. Similarly, an experienced estate administration and probate lawyer in Clarksville is crucial in protecting interests during administration of an estate.
  • Financial powers of attorney — These instruments allow an individual to appoint a trusted representative to manage financial affairs, such as paying the mortgage, during times of incapacity.
  • Medical powers of attorney/Advance care plans — These advance directives allow an individual to provide guidance and appoint a representative to oversee medical decisions. A living will may also be associated with an overall advance care plan.
  • Wills – With a will, an individual can determine how their assets are distributed after their death. They may also appoint a guardian for their minor children. Before your will is administered, it must pass through a legal process called probate.

Contact an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney in Clarksville

Our firm has a long-standing tradition of providing peace of mind in all aspects of estates, wills, and trusts. At Runyon & Runyon, our Clarksville estate lawyer understands that no two households are the same. To that end, it is essential that an estate and probate lawyer thoroughly review all of the financial details and assets in each case and gain a full understanding of each client's goals.

Find peace of mind in discussing your estate and probate concerns with an experienced lawyer. Prospective clients may contact the firm online, or arrange an appointment by calling (931) 805-4445.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why is it important to have an estate planning attorney in Clarksville?

Having an estate planning attorney in Clarksville is crucial because they understand the specific legal requirements and implications within Tennessee. An attorney like those at Runyon & Runyon can provide personalized guidance, ensuring that your estate plan reflects your unique situation and goals. They can help you navigate complex issues such as tax consequences, business law, and financial planning, which are integral to creating a comprehensive estate plan.

How does an estate plan protect my family in Clarksville, TN?

An estate plan protects your family in Clarksville, TN, by providing clear instructions on asset distribution, healthcare decisions, and guardianship arrangements, which can prevent disputes and legal battles. It also offers financial security and peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones' needs will be taken care of according to your wishes. Runyon & Runyon can help tailor your estate plan to safeguard your family's future.

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