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Facing a charge for driving under the influence is a daunting experience for most drivers. When an individual with a professional license, including a commercial driver's license, is accused of drunk driving, the potential impact on his or her professional life is a real concern. It is crucial for a professional license holder to contact an experienced Clarksville DUI defense attorney as soon as possible after an arrest. The law firm of Runyon & Runyon in Clarksville, Tennessee, understands that the stakes are high when a professional license is at risk.

Diligent, Professional, Aggressive DUI Defense for Professional License Holders

Professional drivers are held to a different standard than non-commercial drivers when it comes to drunk driving charges. Truck drivers, bus drivers and others whose occupation requires a CDL can be convicted of DUI with a blood alcohol concentration of .04 percent or more, much lower than the .08 percent per se level recognized for non-commercial drivers.

Similarly, a detectable amount of alcohol below .04 percent likely will result in the issuance of an "out-of-service" notice, restricting the professional from driving for a 24-hour period. A first-time DUI conviction in a commercial vehicle will result in a one-year suspension of your CDL. A second conviction results in a lifetime revocation of a CDL.

Other professionals, such as nurses, doctors, accountants, architects, lawyers, and teachers, may face public stigma and reporting requirements to the licensing board after a conviction of a DUI offense. Frank J. Runyon has assisted all ranges of professionals in defending a charge of DUI.

"J." Runyon is a former police officer with a keen understanding of all aspects of DUI cases. He has more than 20 years of experience as a DUI defense lawyer. His knowledge of police procedures, field sobriety testing, the Intoximeter machine and its proper operating procedures, as well as his knowledge of gas chromatography testing, are invaluable in analyzing a drunk driving arrest. He draws on his intimate knowledge of criminal law and his experience as a DUI defense lawyer to fight for the rights of each client.

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