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Tennessee Governmental Tort Liability Act

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Tennessee law provides special procedures and rules for individuals who suffer personal injury due to the negligence of state and local workers. Any personal injury claim can have difficult obstacles for an individual to face when seeking compensation for an injury. When a government worker is involved in an accident, the knowledge and experience of a Clarksville personal injury lawyer in handling claims against the government can have a significant impact on the outcome of the case.

Suing State & Local Government Agencies for Negligence in Tennessee

Many state and local government entities in Tennessee have a fleet of vehicles for employees to use when carrying out essential functions of their jobs. When a government worker acts negligently and causes an injury-producing accident, the injured individual should not have to bear the burden of the full costs and losses that result from the crash. The state places caps on the amount of damages available under the Tennessee Tort Governmental Liability Act.

The Clarksville-based law firm of Runyon & Runyon vigorously pursues claims against state and local government entities for clients of the firm who have suffered injury due to the negligence of government workers. The law firm adheres to the principles that clients should be treated with the utmost respect. The attorneys are devoted to returning client phone calls and keeping them informed of the status of their cases at every stage of the personal injury process. The attorneys at the firm are driven to helping clients through difficult times.

The firm is prepared to help individuals seek recovery for many types of accidents involving government negligence, including:

  • Non-emergency accidents involving law enforcement or firefighters
  • Dangerous or hazardous road conditions that cause an accident
  • Car accidents involving a government worker
  • Truck accidents involving state or local crews

Lead Clarksville personal injury lawyer Ray Runyon has experience in assessing claims, including the complex analysis surrounding immunity, which is used to protect the government against lawsuits.

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