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The government is generally immune from many types of lawsuits. However, in 1946, Congress recognized that when a federal government worker acts negligently within the scope of his or her employment and causes injury to an individual, the accident victim should be able to recover money damages from the government.

Suing the Federal Government for Negligence Causing Injury

The Federal Tort Claims Act is an important remedy for victims of the negligence of a government worker. The law has exceptions that must be analyzed and detailed procedures that must be followed in order to bring a claim against the federal government for injury. An experienced FTCA attorney must be able to analyze all aspects of an accident, including whether discretionary immunity protects the government, despite the course of action provided under the FTCA.

For more than 80 years, the law firm of Runyon & Runyon in Clarksville, Tennessee, has served the community as vigorous advocates in personal injury cases. The firm has experience in all aspects of injury claims and deep knowledge of the legal analysis required in claims against the federal government under the FTCA.

Often, claims under the FTCA involve motor vehicle accidents involving a government worker. Individuals may also suffer personal injury in a slip-and-fall accident on federal property. These kinds of accidents can cause catastrophic injuries that devastate families.

Compassionate Clarksville Personal Injury Lawyers Ready to Help You Recover

If you or a family member has been injured by the negligence of a government worker, the Clarksville personal injury lawyers at Runyon & Runyon are prepared to give candid advice and vigorous representation in your claim against the federal government. Prospective clients may contact the firm online or call (931) 805-4445 to arrange a confidential consultation.

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