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Getting divorced? What you should know about alimony

It has been said that ending a marriage can be one of the most stressful events a person can go through. Not only can it be an overwhelming emotional challenge and adjustment to go from being married to divorced, it can also be a significant financial challenge.

Financial stability in the wake of a divorce can be a very real cause for concern, especially for spouses who may have been more financially reliant on their partner during a marriage. Many people are scared about how they will provide for themselves and what kind of lifestyle they will lead when they are no longer married. Thankfully for people in this situation, Tennessee alimony laws are in place to address financial disadvantage of spouses in the event of a divorce.

Alimony can be awarded when the courts determine that one spouse will be at an economic detriment as a result of decisions like one spouse giving up or suspending a focus on a career in favor of maintaining the home and/or caring for the children.

In order to make post-divorce life a little easier on the disadvantaged spouse, alimony can be awarded. There are many different types of spousal maintenance that can be ordered and each addresses the specific needs of the receiving spouse.

In some cases, alimony is a temporary solution to make the adjustment out of marriage easier. This could include transitional alimony and/or lump sum alimony.

In other cases, the financial needs of the person receiving alimony are not necessary finite or short-term. In these cases, alimony can be ordered until the recipient becomes financially secure or until he or she remarries or passes away.

The type of alimony awarded will depend greatly on factors like how long a couple was married and what type of career and earning prospects lie ahead. Further, it should be noted, that alimony is not granted in every situation.

Considering how important spousal support can be in regards to a person's life after marriage, it can be crucial that you discuss financial goals and legal options with an attorney. Failure to do so can prove to be a costly mistake if you are unprepared for discussions of alimony.