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Abusive husband living on front lawn to protest divorce

Victims of spousal abuse in Tennessee can find it very difficult to make the decision to file for divorce and protect themselves and their children from domestic violence. The fact is that there are many complicated emotions that can come with physical and/or emotional abuse and getting away from that environment can be enormously challenging.

However, once you have taken the first steps to distance yourself from violence and a violent person, you may find that you are able to breathe a little easier and redirect your focus to a brighter future. Unfortunately for one woman, however, she was unable to get the kind of distance she likely hoped for when she filed for divorce.

According to news reports, the woman filed for divorce and kicked her husband out of their home, claiming he was physically and emotionally abusive. The man has spent time in jail for domestic violence and there was a protective order requested by the wife just last year.

Sadly, the mistreatment hasn't seemed to stop even though the woman kicked him out and changed the locks. Instead of finding a place to stay, he has stayed just outside the house and is living on front lawn. 

The woman has had to ask people to stop bringing him food because it was attracting maggots; she has called the police to try and remove him from the property, but because he is a co-owner, he is not violating any laws by living on the lawn. The couple's son stated that the man even said he was staying put simply to make his estranged wife's life miserable.

While this case may seem to be more sensational and dramatic than many other situations, it is a reminder of how frustrating and challenging a divorce can be when there are allegations of domestic violence involved.

Victims of abuse can feel manipulated, threatened and marginalized and may also feel like they will never be able to get out from under their violent spouse's thumb. However, working with an attorney to seek a divorce can help people untangle themselves from an abusive spouse, regain a sense of a control and begin working toward a safer, happier future.

Source: New York Daily News, "Texas man accused of spousal abuse protest wife's divorce by camping out in front yard of million dollar seaside home," Nicole Hensley, Oct. 7, 2015