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Memphis husband and wife both arrested in domestic violence case

There is an old saying that goes “it takes two to tango.” Many in Clarksville may often cite it in cases of assault where one is accused of attacking another. While it may be viewed as justification for the actions of some, few would likely subscribe to that line of thinking in a case involving domestic violence. The reason behind this is the assumption held by many that a man should never use violence against a woman. Yet often, impartial parties may recognize cases where, even though an incident may have occurred between a couple, blatant aggression by one or the other may not have been present.

That is the claim being made by a Memphis sheriff’s deputy after he was arrested for being involved in an allegedly violent encounter with his wife. The man, however, claims he had no intention of harming her. The scratches and bruises investigating officers found her body were the result, he claims, of him attempting to prevent her from harming herself by driving drunk. He says that he inadvertently pushed her in an attempt to get her car keys.

The wife disputes this claim, saying she was only trying to get away from him. Interestingly, the man also had bruises and scratches of his own, leading law enforcement officials to arrest both of them on charges of domestic violence.

If and when such an encounter occurs, those involved do have the right to have their versions of the events heard. That right should be afforded in a setting where fair and impartial observers are able to compare all of the relevant facts and render a decision. One might be wise to secure the services of an attorney before going in to such a scenario.