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Dividing marital assets and debts in any divorce may involve complex analysis and difficult decisions. In a high net worth divorce, the complexity of the analysis goes far beyond the fact that there are more assets to split. The types of assets, investments, potential deferred compensation and tax implications associated with each asset are all important factors to consider in high-asset divorces.

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The lawyers at Runyon & Runyon have deep knowledge in business law, financial matters, and family law — attributes which serve men and women who are divorcing in the Clarksville area. Many high-asset divorces involve business interests. Attorney Raymond Runyon is knowledgeable in analyzing the important legal considerations in protecting the company, as well as the complexities involved in valuations of closely held companies and family-run businesses.

Tennessee is an equitable division state, which means that the courts consider many factors in determining how property will be fairly divided in divorce. Equitable division does not require a 50-50 split of the marital assets. Runyon & Runyon is experienced in protecting the interests of clients in addressing issues across the spectrum of property interests, including:

  • Valuations and disposition of primary and secondary residences
  • Analyzing the impact of real estate investments on the marital estate
  • Evaluating the value of business interests
  • Analyzing tax consideration, which may dilute the equity of investments
  • Tracing hidden assets and income

Runyon & Runyon is dedicated to protecting the interests of clients in all aspects of high net worth divorces. The firm understands that there is no one-size-fits-all disposition of property and works hard to square different viewpoints between spouses with creative solutions, while rigorously guarding the interests of clients.

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For sound legal advice and diligent advocacy in your high net worth divorce, contact the trusted Clarksville divorce lawyers at Runyon & Runyon. Prospective clients may contact the firm online or call (931) 805-4445 to arrange a confidential consultation.

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