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Expert evaluations in a divorce

Going through a divorce can be difficult and stressful for couples in Tennessee and elsewhere. However, there are some instances in which a separating couple or one of the parties to a divorce may want to consider hiring an expert to help resolve certain issues. There are several different types of experts who can be helpful, and their testimony is generally admissible in court.

A business valuation expert may be able to place a value on a business co-owned by spouses and help determine what portion is separately owned and what portion is marital property. Where real property is a property division issue, a real estate expert may be able to provide an appraisal of the house by using comparable prices .

Child custody as well as child and spousal support are often significant issues, and a variety of experts may prove useful in these matters. A child custody evaluator may be able to suggest custody and visitation plans based on an analysis of the circumstances and the best interests of the children. Vocational experts may assess a spouse's job prospects with a view towards determining the amount of child or spousal support to owed by that spouse. A psychological expert may be of value in helping to counsel both parties and provide them with emotional support and guidance during and after the divorce proceedings.

While expert testimony can be useful, it can also be costly. A family law attorney may be able to help a person going through a divorce determine what expert evaluations or testimony may be necessary or appropriate in a particular situation.

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