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Long term health effects of domestic abuse

Tennessee women who have been the victims of domestic abuse might not realize the long term effects that it can have on their health. According to a recent study, women who had admitted to being victims of domestic abuse were more likely to suffer from serious health conditions than women who did not report having experienced domestic violence. Researchers say that while the initial bruises may heal, the effects of domestic violence can last for many years.

Victims of domestic violence report lower back pain, chronic headaches, arthritis and more. This is especially so for women who reported that they had been sexually abused. Even women without long-term physical effects often deal with psychological damage from the abuse later on. They might still feel fear of their abusers that can cause them to suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders.

However, in many cases the women are not aware of the connection between their health and the abuse that they suffered. They are often more likely to blame their health issues on smoking or drinking rather than on the domestic violence that they went through. Doctors do not often make the connection either. Health providers have the potential to play a substantial role in preventing domestic violence if they know what to look for in their patients.

Domestic violence is a serious problem, and it can lead to significant physical and emotional health problems for its victims. A family law attorney may be able to obtain a restraining or other protective order on the behalf of a client who has suffered from such abuse.

Source: ABC News, "Domestic Abuse Has Long Term Health Impact, Survey Says", Liz Neporent, November 05, 2013