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When divorcing, focus on the future in terms of your assets

For people in Clarksville who go through a divorce, there will be many issues that need to be sorted out -- not the least of which is finances. Many people might focus on wanting to keep the house in a divorce because that would seem like the biggest asset to come away with. However, some experts say this is not necessarily the best choice.

While it is true that a house might have the greatest value, its actual worth can be deceiving. Houses require upkeep and improvements; this might become more burdensome for a divorced person instead of a married couple. Also, what might have been a reasonable mortgage payment divided between two people might suddenly be uncomfortably large for just one person after a divorce.

Additionally, houses are notoriously illiquid when it comes to an investment vehicle. While stocks or retirement accounts might be converted to cash in the event of an emergency, real estate takes a considerable amount of time to put on the market, sell and reap the proceeds. Also, if there is still a mortgage on the property, the profits in what continues to be an unpredictable housing market could be much less than a person might expect.

These are just some of what can be a lot if variables that need to be addressed during a divorce. While many people might be tempted to go it alone, the complicated nature of the proceedings might mean that working with an experienced divorce attorney could be of great benefit.

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