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Tennessee Usher fans wonder if 'status' won him child custody

Usher fans in Tennessee and all over the country are wondering if a speculation put forth by his 5-year-old son's mother is accurate. Did Usher retain primary child custody, after the boy nearly drowned under his care, because of his wealth and celebrity status? The mother requested an emergency hearing demanding temporary custody after the swimming pool incident, but the judge kept the current arrangement in place. The boy's mother has vowed to continue her fight.

The central issue raised by the 42-year-old former hair stylist is whether the boy's famous father is spending time with their son, or if the boy is being raised by hired help. She said wealthy men are often very busy, and this is why they are wealthy. Such men are unable, however, to spend the amount of time needed to care for a child themselves.

The incident occurred when the 5-year-old got his hand caught in a pool drain. The boy's aunt and a man working on the house witnessed this and were able to wrestle him away from the drain. Usher was not at home when this happened; he was at a recording studio about a mile away. His ex-wife, the boy's mother, said Usher called her to inform her about the incident. This is what prompted her to seek primary custody in the emergency hearing, she said.

Celebrity or not, a Tennessee attorney experienced in family law may be able to help individuals seeking sole custody or joint custody of a child. Such an attorney may be able to help parents in fighting for support, visitation and other child-related manners. This may be most valuable in a child custody dispute in which a parent is pursuing the best interests of the child.

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