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Why people in abusive relationships stay

There are a number of Tennessee residents who remain in what seem to be abusive relationships, causing friends and family to wonder why. However, many situations that involve domestic violence are not as simple as someone who has not experienced this type of relationship may assume. Relationships are typically complex in themselves without being compounded by issues such as abuse, and exiting what may be a toxic situation is not always cut-and-dried.

One major reason why someone would stay in an abusive relationship is because they do not have the financial resources to go somewhere else. Since many abusers do their best to isolate their victims from friends and family, someone who does not have the resources to leave may also feel that they have no one available to ask for help. Related to this, some people are worried that they will lose custody of their children or not be able to support them if they exit a relationship. People in this situation may fear that if they leave, their child will end up alone with their abuser.

Other reasons may be psychological. Many people who are in a violent relationship are blamed by their abuser for doing something to cause the abuse. In cases where the abuse only happens every few months, someone may assume that their relationship is healthy, and when it is not, they may believe that they are at fault.

Individuals who have been accused of domestic violence may end up losing custody or visitation rights for their children or face jail time. A lawyer could help someone understand what their charges mean and help mount a defense for them as well as represent them in court.

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