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Suspending an obligor’s license for child support arrears

One of the ironies that accompanies divorce is that separated couples in Clarksville must still continue their relationships to a certain extent if they have children. Any negative emotions that may linger between a couple may continue to manifest themselves through actions such as a failure to meet child support payment obligations. Information shared by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that over 22 percent of parents owed child support in 2014 had to request intervention in order to enforce their agreements. Given how much custodial parents may rely on such payments in order to support themselves and their kids, it is little wonder why the law allows them recourse in order to do so.

One of the more common ways to legally enforce a child support obligation is to have an obligor’s license revoked. While the license that most assume as being subject to suspension for unpaid support is one’s drivers’ license, Tennessee Code Section 36-5-701 actually allows that suspension to extend to any certification or permit allowing one to:

  • Work in a certified profession or trade
  • Hunt
  • Fish

Child support arrears can also keep an obligor from obtaining a license or certification for any of the aforementioned activities. In order for one’s case to qualify for this method of enforcement, the obligor must owe more than $500 in missed payments that are more than 90 days past due.

An obligor accused of owing child support arrears is allowed the opportunity to contest the claims against him or her in a hearing. He or she must request such a hearing within 20 days of having received notice that his or her case is being referred to a state licensing authority.