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How should you and your ex-spouse determine custody on holidays?

Holidays can be one of the most difficult times for divorced parents in Clarksville as many may be left to spend them without their children. If you and your spouse are going through a divorce, you may wonder exactly what sort of custody or visitation rights you will be granted on special occasions. Many states set stipulations on exactly what holidays the children of divorced couples will spend with each parent. Fortunately, the state of Tennessee may leave that decision up to you.

According to the Tennessee’s Annotated Code, you and your ex-spouse are encouraged to submit a “residential schedule” that defines when your children will be in both yours and his or her custody. The law specifically states that your plan should include special custody provisions for special occasions such as:

  • Holidays
  • Birthdays
  • Vacations

How should you and your ex-spouse proceed with developing your own schedule? The first step should be to identify all federal and state holidays, and then determine how to share such dates between the two of you. Major holidays, such as Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving should be viewed as days were custody should be shared, if possible.

Like major holidays, birthdays are another event that should be shared amongst the two of you. Plans should also be made to allow your children to attend birthday celebrations for extended family members on both sides.

After determining how holidays and birthdays should be handled, the final step in your planning is to account for school breaks. Added custody time should be extended to both of you during summer break to allow for vacations. Breaks during the school year, such as spring break or teacher planning days, may offer an excellent chance for both of you to enjoy additional time on top of your normal custody routine.