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Father's popular persona at issue in child custody case

The perception of divorced parents by many in Clarksville may be that when it comes to fighting for the custody of their children, each sides’ primary motivation is to limit the others’ access to the kids as a way to further punish them for any negative emotions they feel towards each other. However, further examination of such cases may reveal that those involved in these disputes do indeed feel their children would be better off with them rather than being subject to the other parents’ flaws and idiosyncrasies.

Often, one side will try to involve those traits in a trial in an attempt to bolster their own claims. Such appears to be what is happening in an ongoing Texas custody case between a popular Internet personality and his ex-wife. The man, who is known for his loud and brash political and social commentary, has had custody of the children since 2015. His ex-wife has cited some of his on-air comments as indicating instability and potentially criminally behavior. In her attempt to regain either sole or full custody of the kids, she plans on playing some of his more controversial comments before a jury to support her case. For his part, the man and his attorneys have said that his on-air persona does not reflect who he is as a father, even going so far to say he is simply a performance artist.

Custody cases can become bitter and drawn-out, yet given what may be at stake, it may be understandable why parents would go to such great lengths to earn or retain custody of their kids. One’s chances of doing so may be bolstered by enlisting the services of an experienced attorney.