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Custody concerns raised in Pitt-Jolie divorce

Readers of this blog may have heard that actress Angelina Jolie recently filed for divorce from her husband, actor Brad Pitt. Regardless of how you might feel about celebrity stories and divorces, the fact is that this is a couple with a lot at stake in their divorce.

Besides fame, money and their reputations, the couple has six children together. Custody could prove to be the most contentious part of this divorce, as Jolie is requesting primary custody of all the children.

While details on the case are fairly limited, which is not unusual, there have been reports that Jolie's request for primary custody stems from a few different concerns. Among them include Pitt's alleged use of drugs and alcohol, infidelity and a difference in opinion in terms of parenting styles.

These are serious allegations that could affect any parent's rights and parenting time. Determining whether these accusations have any merit and then determining if they could jeopardize of the well-being of the couple's children will be essential in the weeks and months going forward.

What parents right here in Tennessee can take away from this case is that unflattering allegations are not unusual when a couple divorces and is fighting over custody. While some parents are amicable and willing to co-parent, others are fearful of these arrangements. In these cases, parents can be motivated to reveal details about another parent (true or not) in an effort to make them look bad to the courts.

It should also remind readers that custody is not necessarily an all-or-nothing situation. Parents can request sole or joint legal and/or physical custody, but that doesn't mean that is what will be ordered.

In any case involving custody, emotions are running high and parents can be motivated by fear, anger and frustration. And whether you are famous or not, you need to take your case and your parental rights seriously as you navigate the legal process. Rather than take this all on alone, it can be wise to have an attorney by your side to help you fight for a custody and visitation plan that is fair and protects the best interests of your kids.