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4 technological tools that help families through co-parenting

Technology plays a critical role in most people's day-to-day life. You might wake up and check your phone for emails, then spend the day logged onto your computer for work. Afterward, you might go on a run and track your workout with your Fitbit and then end the day watching Netflix on your tablet.

Basically, in any given hour, you could very well be using a technological device. With this in mind, you may be interested to learn about some ways these same devices and advancements could help you and your children through co-parenting arrangements.

Some technological tools that could come in handy for parents who share custody and their kids include:

  1. Cellphones: Having a cellphone can make it much easier for a child to reach out to either parent, and for parents to contact their child necessary. Knowing that your child has a way of communicating with both parents can provide considerable peace of mind.
  2. Budgeting or payment apps: Parents who split expenses or just want to maintain financial transparency when it comes to parenting can download one of the many financial apps available. These apps can keep track of child support payments, itemize expenses and provide detailed tracking of a child's financial needs.
  3. Shared calendars: You don't have to share personal calendars with your ex, but you can share a calendar for your child. On this calendar, you can keep track of custody exchanges, school programs, soccer games and other events so that both parents can be clear on their child's schedule.
  4. Skype and video conferencing: If you are a parent who cannot spend a lot of time with your child in person, programs like Skype can be critical. Whether you set up regular Skype calls or use video conferencing on an as-needed basis, it can be a great way to stay connected to your child when you can't be together.

These and the many other tech tools available can change the way children and parents interact when it comes to co-parenting. You can discuss the various options available as well setting certain limits on usage during your parenting plan discussions and with the support and guidance of an attorney.