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Co-parenting after a divorce: Why it matters

One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is dealing with child custody and visitation issues. In most cases, co-parenting is the most beneficial means of handling child custody and for many reasons. Here are some ways in which co-parenting can help immediately after the divorce.

-- Kids want normalcy. This is especially important right after the divorce. Parents may end up feeling as though it's all they can do to survive, but they must concentrate on helping their kids accept what has happened to their family unit. All the rules have changed from what they once knew.

-- Kids are vulnerable. The transition that children must go through during a divorce is just as difficult for them as it is for the parents. The foundation under their feet has been pulled out from under them. You and your co-parent must reassure them so that they know you are both still going to be there for them.

-- You get one chance. You have to do this right. Your children have to know that even though everything they know has changed, both parents will provide the stability, love and affection they need. They also need to know that there are still limits in place governing their behavior and penalties when those limits are broken. Consistency between the homes is vital, too, so that each child understands what will and will not be tolerated.

Remember, if your child is having a very difficult time accepting the divorce, he or she may benefit from counseling or therapy. Your divorce attorney will be able to recommend someone who can help.

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