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Legal help crucial in family matters involving domestic violence

In any relationship involving domestic abuse or violence, there can be a serious imbalance of power. Typically, one person feels as though he or she holds all the cards while the other person can feel helpless and isolated.

Because of this divide, it can be crucial for all parties involved to have legal counsel in order to level the playing field when family legal matters arise. Whether you are the victim of abuse or are being accused of abusive behaviors, you should understand that you have the right to seek representation to protect yourself and your rights.

Allegations of domestic violence, real or fabricated, can significantly change the trajectory of any case. If, for example, you have been wrongfully accused by an ex of hitting your child, you could be dealing with a person who is dishonest and willing to say anything to hurt you. An attorney can help to challenge the credibility of your ex and seek appropriate arrangements for child custody.

On the other hand, if you are the victim of abuse, you could be dealing with someone who is intimidating, violent and manipulative which could make it very difficult for you to stand up for yourself. Without an attorney, you can be in a very vulnerable position when trying to settle matters related to divorce, property division and alimony.

Further, your attorney can seek orders of protection to keep a potentially dangerous spouse or ex-spouse away from you, which can be crucial during family legal disputes.

Your attorney can be a critical ally in these situations. Not only can he or she help you understand your legal options in pursuing a resolution, your lawyer can also fight on your behalf to seek a fair settlement and support you during a very difficult time. For information on how our firm approaches these sensitive and emotional legal matters, please visit our webpage on domestic assault and violence.