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Why certain life events and changes may signal the end of a marriage

Life is full of ups and downs which can both positively and negatively impact personal relationships and especially a marriage. From dealing with an illness or injury, to losing a job, to starting a family; in this blog post we'll examine how certain significant events or changes in one's life may adversely impact one's marriage.

In cases where a spouse is diagnosed with cancer or injured in an accident, there are often numerous resulting physical, emotional and financial changes. Dealing with physical pain and limitations, an ailing individual may be forced to rely upon his or her spouse. In cases where a spouse doesn't provide the love and support an individual needs or where an individual is deeply and negatively impacted by their circumstances, a marriage is likely to suffer. Additionally, the financial burdens associated with medical costs and lost wages only add to what is typically already an extremely stressful situation.

A job loss is another major life event that can be difficult for a marriage to sustain. An individual who is fired or laid off is likely to feel down and, in cases of long-term unemployment, may grow to question his or her self worth and develop depression. When conducting a 2011 study, Ohio State University researchers determined that unemployed married men are both more likely to be left by a spouse and more likely to leave a spouse.

While most married couples would likely regard the birth of a child as being a positive event, some aren't prepared for the many changes and difficulties that accompany parenthood. When questioned about marital satisfaction, 67 percent of parents who responded to one study reported experiencing "a drop in marital satisfaction within the first three years of a baby's birth."

Tennessee spouses who are struggling in an unhappy marriage would be wise to do some soul searching. In some cases, divorce may be the best option for all involved parties.

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