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Helping divorcing individuals weigh their options and make informed decisions

For anyone who is contemplating or planning to file for divorce, the process can be scary and intimidating. Many people have likely heard horror stories about highly contentious divorce proceedings that drag out for years and end up costing those couples involved a lot of time, money and heartache.

Despite all of the negative connotations associated with getting divorced, for many people, the process is a necessary step towards a better and happier life. While, at times, the process can be difficult and emotional, it can also be empowering and positive.

When planning to file for divorce, it's crucial to have a strong legal advocate on one's side. The family law attorneys at Runyon & Runyon have helped many residents in the Clarksville area successfully navigate the divorce process. Our attorneys understands the difficulties that frequently accompany the divorce process and understand how decisions made during this time can either positively or negatively impact an individual's life for years to come.

For example a client may have strong emotional ties to a previously-shared home. Keeping a home, however, may not be in his or her best interest or help further long-term financial goals. In addition to a family home, questions must also be answered with regard to the division of investment and retirement assets, personal property and debts.

The attorneys at Runyon & Runyon help clients discover their divorce goals and devise strategies to help achieve these goals. We understand that every client's situation is unique and provide advice to help individuals understand the impact and potential financial repercussions that may result from decisions made related to the division of marital property.