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For divorcing parents, focus must shift to children

When facing any difficult situation or period in one's life, it's important to keep perspective and to focus on what really matters. This is especially true for individuals who are going through the many ups and downs that frequently accompany the divorce process.

Much like no two marriages are the same, every divorce is unique. Many individuals who divorce, however, often experience similar challenges with regard to dealing with difficult emotions, communicating with an ex and keeping a positive outlook. While there's no magic bullet when it comes to any of these divorce-related challenges, there are things an individual can do that may be helpful.

For many divorcees, it's normal and even healthy to develop some negative feelings and emotions about an ex. However, in divorce cases where children are invovled, parents must make every effort to take the proverbial high road and focus on providing a healthy environment in which one's children can thrive and succeed.

It's important, therefore, to find a way to effectively communicate with an ex-spouse. In cases where emotions are running high, it may be wise to limit communication to only email and to keep the focus soley on issues related to shared children. Additionally, simple changes like referring to an ex as one's co-parent rather than one's ex, keeps the focus on shared children.

In cases where a child appears to be having a difficult time adjusting to the many changes that accompany divorce, it's a good idea to seek the advice and help of a professional counselor or therapist. The same also holds true for divorcing parents who are having a difficult time coping with divorce.

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