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Consequences of DIY divorce can be costly

We don't have look very far to find information about divorce. We read stories about it in the news and social media updates from friends quite often and it would seem as though everyone knows something about the process of divorce.

Because of how accessible all this information is, people can make the assumption that all they need to do in order to get divorced is go online, fill out some paperwork, write a check and be done with it. However, many divorces are far too complicated to be resolved with a few mouse clicks.

Unfortunately, too many people learn this lesson only after they have spent seemingly endless hours trying to figure it out on their own. They may find, for example, that they aren't sure which property and assets need to be included in statements of marital assets or whether they should pursue alimony.

Some people learn about the complexities of a divorce after it has already been finalized and it is too late to address certain imbalances. They may find that they could have kept the marital home or didn't receive as much in the settlement as they could have.

These are just some of the financial repercussions of trying to get through a divorce alone. There can also be emotional and physical consequences due to the anxiety and stress that can be overwhelming during this time.

It is for these and many other reasons why it can be best to have legal support if you are getting divorced. Not only can an attorney help you understand your rights and options in terms of property division, alimony, custody and child support, but he or she can also take on the responsibilities of filing paperwork, requesting a hearing and reviewing divorce settlements. This can save you a lot of time, energy and heartache now and in the years to come.

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