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Is divorce on your list of resolutions for 2015?

More than mid-way through the month of January, many Tennessee residents are likely reflecting upon their progress in keeping New Year's resolutions. While resolutions related to eating better and getting in shape likely top the lists of many Americans, for some married individuals, making decisions related to the unhappy state of a marriage are also top-of-mind.

While there's never an ideal time to file for divorce, divorce attorneys note an increase in the number of divorce inquiries and filings starting during the month of January and continuing through March. When you think about it, this makes sense. With all of the holiday traditions and expectations out of the way, an individual who is unhappy in a marriage may view January and the start of a new year as an opportune time to file for divorce.

Making the decision to file for divorce from a spouse isn't one that most individuals arrive at overnight. More often, a divorce filing is precipitated by months or even years of arguing, marriage counseling and soul-searching. When all attempts to salvage a marriage have been exhausted, divorce is often the best solution for not only both spouses, but also any shared children.

Even in cases where an individual knows that divorce is necessary, the divorce process can still be difficult and this is often especially true in cases where negotiations related to the division of marital assets and custody discussion grow contentious. When confronted with a soon-to-be ex-spouse who is determined to make the divorce process even more emotionally-charged and upsetting, it's important to have a legal advocate who can provide support and guidance.

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