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How adultery can impact military divorces in Tennessee

Military families have a number of unique challenges to deal with on a regular basis, from the strain of long deployments to the stress of moving around frequently. This can certainly take a toll on couples and many of them end up filing for divorce.

This is a situation that thousands of people may currently be dealing with as a result of the recent Ashley Madison incident. For readers who are unfamiliar with this incident, it involved the hacking of dating site directed at married men looking to have an affair. The user data collected in the hack included names and details on the millions of subscribers and about a week ago, the data was released.

According to reports like this one on Slate.com, thousands of users are members of the government or the U.S. military which could get them in serious trouble. Not only is adultery considered a crime according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, it can also be used as grounds for a fault divorce in Tennessee.

Pursuing a divorce based on infidelity can be beneficial for people who did not cheat because it can result in more favorable settlements for them. They may get more property and assets in a settlement, not to mention spousal support.

It is important to understand that many states only recognize no-fault divorces, which means that claims of adultery would have little or no impact on a court's ruling.

However, it you live in Tennessee and are considering a divorce after learning your spouse has been unfaithful, you should speak with an attorney to discuss your legal options for seeking a divorce on the grounds of adultery. Further, if you or your spouse is in the military, it can be crucial that you discuss your situation with an attorney who understands the specific challenges of military divorce.