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Love, support and quality time essential in helping a child cope with divorce

Every parent wants their child to be happy and healthy. For divorcing parents, the overall wellbeing of a child is often a major factor that greatly influences their decision to divorce. To grow and develop into happy, loving, caring and well-adjusted adults; every child needs to feel safe and secure. In cases where a child grows up in a household that is dominated by conflict and unhappiness, feelings of insecurity and fear are likely to negatively impact a child's life well into adulthood.

Some parents falsely believe that no matter how unhappy they are, it's best to stay in a marriage for a child's sake. Often, however, the exact opposite is true and a parent is actually causing their child more pain and harm by staying in an unhappy and unfulfilling marriage.

While divorce may ultimately be the best option for all family member, children often have a difficult time adjusting to divorce. Even in cases where a divorce means a child no longer is subjected to daily shouting matches, the changes that accompany divorce can be scary and leave a child feeling confused and insecure.

Even though a marriage failed, divorcing parents must pledge to keep their child the number one priority post-divorce. When possible, children benefit from the involvement, attention and love of both parents. In cases where a father or mother has sole child custody and is raising a child alone, he or she would be wise to carve out special time to spend with a child and find ways to show a child love and reinforce feelings of security.

Divorce is often accompanied by many changes for both parents and children, many of which can be difficult. For parents who are concerned about how a divorce will affect a child, it's important to provide a child with extra love and attention and, if necessary, professional help and support.

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