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Making the decision to divorce

When a couple marries, love dominates and it's hard to believe feelings will ever diminish or change. However, as time passes, life changes and with those changes come experiences and challenges that can slowly corrode oven the strongest marriage. In cases where a husband or wife realizes that he or she is no longer happy, it can be difficult to decide whether to stay in or end a marriage.

Much like the decision to marry, the decision to divorce is unique and personal for every couple and individual. In many cases, an individual may feel conflicted and struggle for months or even years before ultimately realizing a marriage is broken. Children, finances and fear may all play a role in preventing an unhappy husband or wife from leaving an unfulfilling marriage.

There's no doubt that divorce can be difficult, but an individual must also consider the alternative. In cases where both spouses' attempts to work on and save a marriage have failed, what more can be done? When an individual arrives at the decision to file for divorce, it's important to explore divorce options and become educated about the process.

A divorce can be amicable and resolved through mediation and the collaborative law process. Likewise, a divorce can be highly contentious and be waged for months or even years through litigation. Regardless of one's circumstances, it's important to be prepared and understand state-specific laws related to child custody and the division of property and assets.

For couples with children, the divorce process can be especially difficult and highly emotional. When possible, moms and dads who plan to divorce should do their best to discuss child custody matters prior to going to court and also vow to put the best interests of a child first and foremost.

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