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Compassionate legal advocates, helping individuals realize and accomplish their divorce goals

Making the decision to divorce is one that many individuals struggle to make. In fact, many individuals contemplate filing for divorce for months or even years. Upon making the decision, it's important to hire a divorce attorney who has a thorough understanding of the divorce process and who has helped others in similar situations realize and accomplish their divorce goals.

In addition to having a proven track record of success, by nature a divorce attorney must be understanding and compassionate. Family law matters are often highly emotional and the decisions an individual makes while going through a divorce can positively or adversely impact their life and their children’s lives for years to come.

At the law firm Runyon & Runyon, we understand that an individual who is going through the divorce process likely has many concerns and fears. We take the time to listen to our clients to understand their concerns and work to negotiate a divorce settlement that helps abate these concerns and fears and sets an individual up for personal and financial success post-divorce.

Our firm was established in 1929 and since that time our family law attorneys have been helping individuals overcome the many challenges that can accompany the divorce process. In addition to handling traditional divorce cases, our attorneys are also adept at handling military divorce and child custody matters. The rules and legal procedures dictating divorces involving an active military servicemember can prove to be challenging for many seeking a quick resolution to divorce and child custody matters. Due to our firm's proximity to Fort Campbell we have helped many military servicemembers and non-military spouses successfully navigate the divorce process.

Above all, individuals going through a divorce need a legal advocate who will listen provide advice and counsel and work to ensure an individual's best interests and those of his or her children are respected and met.