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Finding a visitation arrangement that works best for your family

There is no one right way to raise a family, and no two families work exactly the same way. Because of this, it would be unreasonable to expect every parent and every child to benefit from the same custody and visitation plan.

For some people, a traditional arrangement involving a primary caregiver and regular visitation periods with the noncustodial parent works just fine. Other families work better when parenting time is equal. Some people opt for more unconventional arrangements.

For instance, one mother shared her unusual custody arrangement in this Washington Post article. She states that they were initially in a more conventional situation where her children would be with her during the week and then spend time with their father on the weekends.

In her case, however, the weekend visits were a strain. The father was traveling in from out of state and her kids were treated to more of a vacation every weekend rather than spending time as a "normal" family.

Rather than continue with a situation that was not working, the mother decided to let the father live with them on the weekends. After an uncomfortable start, the parents found they could be friendly under the same roof for that small amount of time, and their kids settled into a more stable routine.

Of course, this type of arrangement would not work for everyone. However, it is an example of the kinds of unconventional solutions that people find to difficult family situations involving custody and visitation.

If you are going through a divorce with the other parent of your child, you might find that you are more interested in thinking outside the box when it comes to post-divorce life as a family. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this, however, you must use caution.

Discussing your parenting plans with attorneys and have them approved by the courts will be crucial in avoiding serious disputes and concerns about child safety. With legal guidance and a solid plan in place, you, your ex and your children can all focus on moving forward.