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Is your spouse's social media use driving you towards divorce?

We live in an increasingly connected world in terms of the Internet. Today it seems that nearly everyone has at least one social media account. Increasingly, sites like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are being used by the young and old alike to connect with old and new friends. According to a recent survey conducted by a U.K. law firm, in an attempt to stay more connected, many husbands and wives appear to be alienating their spouses.

Of the 2,000 married individuals surveyed, one out of seven admitted to contemplating divorce due to a spouse's behavior on a social media website. Additionally, roughly 25 percent said they argue weekly about a spouse's social media use while 17 percent admitted to engaging in daily arguments related to social media.

Increasingly, social media websites are also being cited as contributing to divorce. A 2010 survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers revealed that 81 percent of divorce attorneys had experienced an increase in the number of divorce cases in which social media played a role.

From reconnecting with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend via Facebook to flirting with an office co-worker via Snapchat, jealously is a common theme in many arguments about a spouse's social media use. In some cases, a spouse's action may go too far and result in a virtual affair becoming a very real marital problem.

Tennessee residents who are struggling with a spouse's social media use would be wise to attempt to discuss the matter with a husband or wife. In cases where a spouse isn't receptive to curbing his or her use of the offensive sites or ceasing communications with certain individuals, it may be time to seriously contemplate separation or divorce.

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