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Divorce settlements don't always mean the end of disputes

When people think of divorce-related disputes, they often think of those that occur between the time a person files for divorce and when the divorce is finalized. However, fights and disagreements don't begin or end with paperwork. In fact, there are many disputes that can arise after you and your ex have parted ways.

Many of these disputes are related to money. Financial arrangements can last long after a divorce settlement has been reached, which leaves the door open for mistakes and bad decisions that cause great anxiety and stress. However, being prepared for these potential problems and knowing what to do about them can help make difficult situations a little easier to resolve.

Post-divorce financial issues can often stem from one person failing to comply with spousal or child support orders. Sometimes people are late or don't make full payments. There are also situations where the person ordered to pay just refuses to send any payment at all. In these situations, modifying support orders may be considered. It can also be necessary to take legal action to enforce court orders and penalize the person in violation.

Another problem can arise when one or both people fail to resolve financial matters that were once shared and are now divided. This can include issues like selling or refinancing a marital home and paying down debts and credit cards bills. In some cases people don't know what is expected of them in these situations; in other cases, they knowingly fail to follow through on an agreed-upon plan. This too can warrant legal action.

Despite the fact that you may have resolved all issues regarding property and asset division in your divorce settlement, you can still face disputes when one or both parties fail to follow through on the appropriate actions.

In these situations, it can be wise to consult your attorney to discuss your options and find a solution. Failure to do so can lead to costly mistakes and serious penalties.

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