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Helping Tennessee divorcees obtain financial security

Every married couple goes through difficult times. The daily stresses associated with balancing work and raising children are difficult enough. Add in additional stressors like financial difficulties, military deployment, substance abuse or infidelity and the likelihood that a couple will separate or divorce increases exponentially.

Tennessee residents who are contemplating or planning to file for divorce often have numerous fears, concerns and questions. Concerns related to the division of marital assets and property are often top-of-mind and with good reason. A move out of a previously shared home means new financial responsibilities associated with rent, utilities and insurance.

Divorce brings many changes to one’s life including those related to one's living situation, child custody arrangements and financial status. When faced with these types of major life changes, it's normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious. For Tennessee residents, the family law attorneys at Runyon & Runyon are here to help.

We understand that the divorce process is difficult and emotional. We listen to our clients' concerns and work to help quell those concerns by providing strong legal advocacy. Our attorneys are always here to answer questions and provide advice and assistance throughout the divorce process.

When it comes to dividing marital assets and property, our divorce professionals take numerous factors into consideration. We work to identify and value marital assets including property, investment accounts, retirement accounts, pensions and business interests. Additionally, we seek to discover possible hidden assets as well as debts.

Ultimately, at Runyon & Runyon, our goal is to help clients walk away from a divorce with a sense of financial security and hope for a happier future.