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Divorce experts say moving too fast may not be worth it

People in Tennessee who are going through a divorce will have lots of thoughts going through their minds. In many cases, one partner or the other might wish to move on with life as soon as possible -- even if it's before a divorce is final. Sometimes this includes trying to date again -- sometimes by putting up a profile on an online dating site.

However, some divorce experts advise against doing this too early in the process -- especially before a divorce has gone through. Many attorneys have reported going to dating sites such as Match.com and viewing profiles of people who were getting divorced -- the estranged spouse of their client in many cases -- to obtain information.

Aside from having personally identifying and potentially embarrassing information made public, appearing on an online dating site might do harm to a person's relationship with their soon-to-be former spouse. While someone going through a divorce might tell their estranged partner that they might be considering dating, it is a somewhat nebulous concept. Appearing on an online dating site makes things more real -- and could cause real resentment on the part of a former partner.

In short, the risks of moving too fast before a divorce is finalized may not be worth it. A divorce that is being contested by a spurned partner can last longer than is comfortable for the other partner. Giving one partner more reason to feel upset and hurt can only make things more difficult and less amicable.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Divorce And Online Dating: A Match Made In Court?" Alton Abramowitz, March 9, 2013