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Divorce as a means to a happier life

Individuals who are unhappy in their relationships and marriages often make personal concessions and compromises. In many cases, such concessions and compromises are made at the expense of an individual's own happiness, health and general wellbeing.

Constantly catering to a spouse to avoid yet another fight or feeling like you're walking on eggshells every time he or she is around is no way to live. While all relationships between spouses go through ups and downs, regardless of circumstances, the basic principles of respect, love and trust should always dominate. In marriages that are instead dominated by anxiety, fear, disrespect and mistrust; divorce may be the best solution to help an individual find personal happiness.

Men and women who were previously trapped in an unhappy marriage often speak to their improved outlook and situation post-divorce. Many admit to feeling stronger and more free and capable post-divorce. For those who previously struggled with feelings of anxiety and depression, a divorce from a controlling, abusive or dismissive spouse may help improve these serious mental health issues.

Yes, the divorce process can be difficult and leave an individual feeling emotionally drained. It can also, however, be extremely liberating and empowering and help one realize that he or she deserves better and should never settle for less.

Clarksville area residents, who are thinking about or wish to file for divorce, would be wise to consult with a divorce attorney. An attorney can answer questions and provide advice on how to prepare for and approach the divorce process. A legal professional will also represent an individual in any divorce negotiations and proceedings and work to help garner a favorable divorce settlement.

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