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Some states considering reforming alimony

Couples in Tennessee might be interested to hear that many states are considering reforming their laws concerning alimony. In fact, some states like Massachusetts have already done so. Florida tried to reform its laws, but the bill was vetoed by the governor. New Jersey is reportedly contemplating reforming its laws, and New York is actively making an effort to reform its laws.

Alimony is basically a court-ordered provision for one spouse to make alimony payments to the other spouse. It was originally designed to help the spouse who had given up the opportunity to pursue a career to stay at home and care for the house and children. However, as gender roles reverse in the modern era and more and more families are of dual income, some people don't think it's fair for spouses to have make alimony payments to their exes for the rest of their lives.

Some states are now considering doing away with lifetime alimony in favor of alimony that is based on factors such as the length of the marriage. They propose that alimony should be calculated using special formulas that determine how much alimony payments will be as well as how long a spouse how to make them to his or her ex.

People who support reforming alimony laws say that is isn't fair for spouses to have to pay their exes for the rest of their lives, especially if the ex still has earning potential. However, opponents of reform say that it's not fair to those who gave up pursuing a career to not get alimony payments to keep them in the lifestyles they have become accustomed to.

A Tennessee divorce attorney might be able to help couples reach a divorce settlement that they can both agree to. It is possible to outline equitable alimony or child support payments without becoming engaged in a contentious court battle.

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