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Please don't be my Valentine

St. Valentine himself was beheaded according to Church history, so perhaps in an ironic twist on the Hallmark holiday surrounding love, it is fitting that the day after Valentine's Day marks the beheading of many marriages. February 15th kicks off the busiest season and the busiest month for divorce attorneys as after the romantic holiday many couples decide to call it quits.

Multiple sources claim that divorce lawyer referrals and filings spike across the nation as February 14 passes. Residents in Tennessee may find it interesting that some of the factors that seem to influence this spike are financial distress and the winter's cold weather.

While February may be the month for divorce, it seems that January is the month for bankruptcy filings and financial ruins that devastate couples who later begin the divorce proceedings in February. Some studies also suggest that the cold weather in February tends to make struggling couples spend more time with each other indoors which only seems to exacerbate their current problems.

The final straw just may be that disastrous Valentine's date that the couple was hoping may begin to heal hurts but in reality just highlights how far the marriage may have fallen. Perhaps the only winner in the Valentine season is Hallmark who not only provides the cards for the romance, but has those needing sympathy and condolences afterwards covered as well.

If you are exploring options for dissolving your marriage and need assistance in thinking through all aspects, from the legal ramifications to the family ramification, please contact a knowledgeable family law attorney. Their unique skills will help you to navigate the tumultuous waters that may be fast approaching in your relationship.

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