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Tips for divorcing women who are breadwinners

Some Tennessee residents may assume that when it comes to marriage, it is the man who earns more income and has more assets. This often forces the women to negotiate favorable terms for the divorce, such as alimony or child support payments. However, a recent study published by USA Today shows that this is slowly changing, and in many cases of divorce, women are earning more money than men.

The study states that in 16 percent of divorce cases, the woman earns more than the man, a figure that may be substantial enough to compel people to change their perspective on alimony payments. While it is not a large percentage, it is certainly not a rare occurrence in divorce cases. Yet, how can a woman protect herself when she earns the majority of the money in a relationship?

If a woman goes into a marriage with a high paying job or a large amount of assets, then a prenuptial agreement is needed to erase any uncertainties that can come up in a divorce. Some marriages start out with both parties earning the same, so that may not be feasible in all situations. However, there are other ways a woman can protect herself, such as keeping money in a different bank account, separating any inheritance assets that she was given and safeguarding a business that may be owned.

A women may need to protect herself and her assets when she gets married. While it may be difficult, both parties need to understand that they are entering a legal, not emotional, agreement, one that courts can enforce. Knowing the laws before getting married is the best route to take, but if it is too late, a woman needs to learn her rights and what she can do when she earns more money then the man in the relationship. For women in a divorce situation, a Tennessee family law lawyer could be helpful in negotiating a settlement that is favorable for both parties.

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