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"Hardball" host sparks controversy over domestic violence

Tennessee women who watch MSNBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews" may have been surprised by the host's comments on the April 3 episode of his program, which have sparked some controversy. Matthews, speaking to Andrea Mitchell, another MSNBC host, notoriously asked if "wife beating" was something that wives actually worried about.

The hosts were discussing Vice President Joe Biden's comments condemning domestic violence against women at the Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards. During the awards show, where Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also spoke, Biden discussed the passage of the Violence Against Women Act.

Matthews and Mitchell were talking about why Biden made the comments as the vice president already had credibility with women. The host went on to ask if domestic violence, or in his terms "wife beating" or "beaters," actually worried women. When Mitchell answered that it was important to women, Matthews then asked if domestic violence or men being brutal was something women were troubled about. Mitchell again answered in the affirmative. Throughout the exchange, the "Hardball" host seemed incredulous. His follow-up question concerned if women worried about domestic violence in their homes.

Domestic violence and domestic assault happen throughout Tennessee and the world. The abuse occurs when an individual involved in an intimate relationship, such as a marriage, physically abuses a partner. The abuse could lead to serious physical and emotional harm or even death for the abused spouse. Domestic violence, whether it happens to men or women, is against the law. During a divorce, however, when emotions are notoriously heated, allegations of abuse may be falsely made by one spouse to sway the courts against the other. Any spouse involved in a relationship where domestic violence is alleged during the course of a divorce may want to contact a lawyer. An experienced lawyer may be able to help defend against false allegations of violence in order to ensure a fair separation.

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