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visitation Archives

Restricting a parent's visitation privileges

The issue of visitation can often become contentious as couples in Clarksville try to work their way through divorce proceedings. Often, the circumstances surrounding the end of a marriage may engender a good amount of distrust between a couple. Some may cite that mistrust (or at least the cause of it) as a reason for restricting their soon-to-be ex-spouses' access to their children. Some may attempt to bar any access to the children whatsoever, while others will ask of any visitation that is granted be restricted.

What if your ex-spouse violates your visitation agreement?

Even after a Clarksville family court approves the dissolution of your marriage, you and your ex-spouse may continue to have to work together on a number of different issues. One of these may be the custody of your kids. Should your ex-spouse choose to ignore the details of your custody agreement, there may be little you can do on your own to enforce it. What sort of recourse does the law afford to you in such a situation?

County sued by both mother and daughter over custody case

When state and local agencies and officials become involved in child custody cases in Clarksville, the expectation from both sides of a custody arrangement is that those parties will remain fair and impartial in their work. Given the weight that the courts may place on their reports, it is also expected that such workers will be truthful and not allow bias or personal feelings to influence how they portray a parent’s actions. If that is believed to be otherwise, then the parent affected by their claims (as well as anyone else that they may impact) may feel rightly justified in taking legal action against them.

Adoptive parents sue over abuse that occurred during visitation

When considering issues such as child custody and visitation, family courts in Clarksville strive to keep the best interests of the children involved in mind. In certain cases, those interests may be best protected by refusing visitation to parties who may have already demonstrated themselves as posing a threat to the children involved. If such indications have been made, then those who care for the children may hope that measures are taken to ensure the kids’ safety (especially if the potentially dangerous parties in question are granted access to them). A failure to provide such protection may certainly prompt accusations of negligence on the part of those tasked with monitoring visitation.

Determining holiday visitation schedules

As the holiday season approaches, Clarksville residents likely begin to turn their minds towards getting together as families. For divorced families dealing with a visitation schedule, this may become a trying time. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that as of 2013, there were 22.1 million children living in homes without both parents present. These kids no doubt want to be able to be with both parents during the holidays (without any tension present). Yet challenges such as schedule differences, distance between parents, and any potential discord that could remain between them may make having a happy holiday season for all seem virtually impossible.  

Detailing stepparent visitation rights in Tennessee

For many in Clarksville, the opportunity to start a family may not present itself during their first marriages, but rather their second. Oftentimes, one may enter into a second marriage with a spouse who already has children. In fact, data shared by the National Stepfamily Resource Center shows that 12.3 percent of American children under the age of 18 that live in a two-parent household are part of a stepfamily. During his or her marriage, a stepparent may easily grow to love his or her stepchildren just as though they were his or her own. If his or her marriage were to end, the question of whether or not he or she has any rights in relation to visitation will likely surface.

4 technological tools that help families through co-parenting

Technology plays a critical role in most people's day-to-day life. You might wake up and check your phone for emails, then spend the day logged onto your computer for work. Afterward, you might go on a run and track your workout with your Fitbit and then end the day watching Netflix on your tablet.

A parenting plan is designed to be simple

The goal of a parenting plan is to focus on you, your ex, and your child. It's made to be simple and easy to use. Divorce is already complex enough; a parenting plan should be written with everyday language and lacking legal jargon and confusing terms. It's not made for the court, but for the parents.

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