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grandparents' rights Archives

Earning visitation following a falling out

Many in Clarksville may agree with the saying that one of the benefits of having kids is grandkids. The grandparent-grandchild relationship can be incredibly strong, and one that could produce quite a bit of harm to both sides if ever severed. Many of the 65 million grandparents reported by the U.S. Census Bureau to be living in America would like agree with this assertion. This may be why so many dread the thought of being told by their adult children that they are no longer allowed to see their grandkids.

Are your rights affected if your grandchildren are adopted?

Your relationship with your grandchildren in Clarksville is likely one that you treasure, and one that you would want to continue no matter what may happen between the children and their parents. You may also view this desire as your right given your relationship, yet are you aware exactly how this assumed right may be affected if something did indeed happen that impacted your grandchildren’s parental situation? What if your grandchildren were removed from one (or both) of their parents’ custody and placed into foster care (and subsequently, adopted)?

How can you tell if your grandchildren may be being abused?

As grandparents, you likely want to do all that you can to ensure that your grandchildren are safe and protected from harm. Unfortunately, sometimes the harm that they endure comes from within the home. If abuse is occurring, whether it by your adult child or his or her spouse, you no doubt want to act quickly to help him or her address the issues that may be prompting his or her actions, but most importantly, to stop the violence being perpetrated against your grandchildren.

Two sets of grandparents sue to continue seeing grandchildren

Many grandparents in Clarksville may share the same love they feel for their children with their grandchildren. That love may prompt them to be involved heavily in their grandchildren’s lives, even to the point of performing some duties that many may perceive to be parental. It may come as little shock, then, to know that should such a relationship be interrupted by the actions of the children’s parents, the grandparent’s may in turn fight retain their own visitation rights. As is the case in most all disputes regarding visitation, the court will likely rely heavily on the opinion of whether or not allowing the grandparent’s access to the children is truly in the kids’ best interests.

How should you transition into raising your grandchild?

Many may say that being a grandparent in Clarksville is so much fun because you get to be around for all of the good moments, and then once the bad behavior starts, you get to go home. Yet for more and more grandparents across the U.S., the task of raising their grandchildren is falling to them. Information shared by the Population Reference Bureau shows that as of 2010, over 5.4 million children were living in situations where a grandparent was the head of the household.

Visitation after grandchildren are removed from parental custody

As a grandparent in Clarksville, your love for your grandchildren may be uninfluenced by any actions between them and their parents. Many of those in your same situation who have seen such actions result in the children being removed from the home often come to us here at Runyon and Runyon still wanting to maintain their relationships with them.

Italian grandparents could take custody of malnourished toddler

A parent's top priority when it comes to their kids should be the children's health. In order to protect and foster the health of children, parents should be able to provide the basic essentials, including food, clothes, shelter and support. Without these things, a child's health can deteriorate and a parent could face the possibility of losing custody of that child.

Grandparent visitation and what the court requires

In Tennessee, if there is an existing court-ordered visitation for the grandparents, then a modification hearing will require that the parents and the grandparents satisfy the same legal standards. This ruling was by the Tennessee Supreme Court in 2013 and the vote was unanimous.

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