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Domestic Violence Archives

Reviewing Tennessee’s implied consent law

Like most in Clarksville, your introduction to the state’s DUI laws likely only comes after you have been arrested and charged with such a crime. That is why many come to us here at Runyon and Runyon surprised after having automatically faced criminal penalties for refusing to submit to field sobriety tests. You may believe that it is well within your rights to refuse such tests, or that you at least may be able to wait to do them after having spoken to a lawyer. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Decision to seal divorce case contradicts state’s legal precedent

It likely may not come as a shock to many in Clarksville that divorce cases between couples can often get ugly. The risk that those who choose to go through their proceedings in family court take is that the details of their cases then become a matter of public record. For some, that can include details about family disputes, financial misfortunes, cases of infidelity, and domestic violence accusations. While some may argue that such details do not need to be shared with the public, others may claim that a couple should understand that the decision to carry out its divorce in a public venue essentially invites outsiders in to see the details of their cases.

Defining stalking in Tennessee

Leaving an abusive spouse takes an exceptional amount of courage on your part. Unfortunately, as many of those that we here at Runyon and Runyon have worked with can attest to, that likely does not signal the end of your ordeal. Fortunately, once you have separated from your abuser, you do have legal resources to help protect you, you children and your family members. This includes protection from stalking.  

Do protective orders cover pets?

If you are attempting to escape an abusive marriage in Clarksville, then you likely want to leave along with those in house that you care about. This of course includes any children you may have and yes, your pets. If you are like most pet owners, then you likely feel a kinship with that animal similar to that you may have with a child. Your abuser may recognize this, which could be why in many cases of domestic abuse, the abusers’ aggression is often directed at everyone in a household, including the animals.

Disarming your domestic abuser

Many of those with whom we here at Runyon and Runyon have worked with while attempting to obtain a divorce from an abusive spouse in Clarksville continue to fear their abusers long after having left them. If you have suffered through such a relationship, then you may well know that simply distancing yourself from your abusive spouse may not be enough to make you feel secure. A protective order may be needed to help ensure your safety. You may be skeptical, though, that such an order can truly protect you should your spouse threaten you with a weapon such as a firearm.

Terminating an abusive spouse’s parental rights

Sadly, it has been our experience here at Runyon and Runyon that those Clarksville clients who come to us as victims of domestic violence have often seen that abuse extend to their children. If you feel the need to protect your kids from an abusive ex-spouse, the law may be your ally in this quest. It may even provide you with the opportunity to terminate his or her parental rights altogether.

Financial abuse connected to domestic violence

Many in Clarksville may find it difficult to comprehend why the victims of domestic violence do not immediately leave (or in some cases, even refuse to seek prosecution for) their abusers. Yet statistics show that such cases are not all that uncommon. Data shared by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation shows that off all domestic violence cases reported between 2012-2014, 22,595 victims refused to cooperate in the prosecution of their abusers. Many believe that countless other cases go unreported altogether.

What are the different types of protection orders?

When someone is involved in a relationship that is abusive, there are ways to get out. While it can be frightening to think about leaving, domestic violence will only get worse as the relationship progresses. A protection order is one way to protect yourself and your children from the abuser. There are two types of protection orders.

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