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child custody & support Archives

Suspending an obligor’s license for child support arrears

One of the ironies that accompanies divorce is that separated couples in Clarksville must still continue their relationships to a certain extent if they have children. Any negative emotions that may linger between a couple may continue to manifest themselves through actions such as a failure to meet child support payment obligations. Information shared by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that over 22 percent of parents owed child support in 2014 had to request intervention in order to enforce their agreements. Given how much custodial parents may rely on such payments in order to support themselves and their kids, it is little wonder why the law allows them recourse in order to do so.

How should you and your ex-spouse determine custody on holidays?

Holidays can be one of the most difficult times for divorced parents in Clarksville as many may be left to spend them without their children. If you and your spouse are going through a divorce, you may wonder exactly what sort of custody or visitation rights you will be granted on special occasions. Many states set stipulations on exactly what holidays the children of divorced couples will spend with each parent. Fortunately, the state of Tennessee may leave that decision up to you.

Collecting unpaid child support from a tax refund

With the arrival of tax season comes the anticipation amongst many in Clarksville that extra money is coming their way in the form of refund. If you are like many of the clients that we here at Runyon and Runyon have worked with who are owed child support, your hope may be that your ex-spouse will use any refund he or she receives to repay his or her child support arrears. You may be pleased to learn that you can actually petition to have his or her return held in order to meet his or her obligation.

Modifying a child support order in Tennessee

Divorcing couples in Clarksville may still be required to work together on certain issues even after the dissolution of their marriages. If a couple has children, then custody arrangements as well as the financial support of the kids must be seen to. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that as recently as 2013, $32.9 billion in child support payments was due to custodial parents in America. The amount that was actually paid averaged out to roughly $3,950 per year per recipient.

Examining wage garnishment guidelines for child support

Being awarded custody of your children in Clarksville is only half the battle in ensuring that you will be able to continue to care for them following your divorce; you have to then also hope that your ex-spouse will fulfill his or her obligation. Yet as many of those that we here at Runyon and Runyon have worked with in the past can attest to, that hope is often short-lived. If your ex-spouse has begun accumulate an impressive amount of child support arrears, you may begin to have to search for other methods through which that money can be collected. One collection tool you may want to consider is a wage garnishment. 

What if your ex-spouse wants to move away with your kids?

Maintaining a strong relationship with your children following your divorce in Clarksville can be difficult even in situations where you and your ex-spouse share custody. Imagine how much more strained your relationship may become if your ex tries to move away with the kids. Fortunately, Tennessee law has guidelines meant to regulate parental relocation.

I haven't paid child support: what's the worst that could happen?

Kids are expensive; there is no doubt about that. Whether they are in diapers, trying out for sports or studying for college, kids cost money at any age. In order to provide for children and make sure they have what they need to be safe, happy and healthy, parents need to pay. As difficult as this can be for any two parents to do, it can be especially difficult when parents are divorced and raising a child separately.

8 factors that will affect child support calculations

When it comes to the financial support parents provide for their children, every dollar counts, whether you are making support payments or receiving them. While most parents would generally do whatever they can to protect and provide for their children, there is often only so much they can do financially. This means that determining child support amounts must be done fairly and consistently.

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