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Alimony Archives

What is palimony?

As societal norms change in Clarksville, so too do many of the common definitions assigned to certain relationships and associations within the local community. Take cohabitation, for example. As recently as 10-15 years ago, living together without being married may have been considered a taboo. Yet U.S. Census data from 2012 showed that 7.8 million couples were cohabitating during that year. If you have chosen to cohabitate with a partner, you should know that while such a relationships may preserve you from dealing with some of the issues inherent with matrimony, you also may have little to no recourse when it comes to receiving support should your relationship end.

Seizing property for unpaid spousal support

When married couples in Clarksville choose to separate, alimony may not automatically be awarded to one of them. The court will take a number of factors into consideration when determining if one party should receive such a benefit. Information shared by Time Magazine shows that only about 400,000 Americans receive some form of spousal support. Yet while alimony may not be mandatory in every divorce case, those who become subject to a court order calling for it are legally obligated to pay. If they do not fulfill the obligation, the law has created a number of different methods through which an obliged spouse can collect any arrears.

Detailing the grounds for divorce in Tennessee

There are any number of reasons why couples in Clarksville may choose to separate, yet few may be aware that the state sets guidelines on what are legal grounds for divorce. If you are like many of those who have come to us here at Runyon and Runyon citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for wanting a divorce, you may not be pleased to learn that getting such a divorce in Tennessee may not be that simple. On top of that, the reason for your divorce may also impact your ability to be awarded alimony.

Alimony in futuro explained

There are different forms of alimony that the court in Clarksville may choose to award to you. Many of those that come to us here at Runyon and Runyon may automatically assume that they will be awarded alimony as part of their divorce settlements. However, certain circumstances must first be met before the court will consider taking such a step. Your current situation may also dictate the type of alimony you may receive. In a prior post, we touched upon rehabilitative alimony (support provided until you are able to achieve the same standard of living you enjoyed during your marriage); now we will investigate alimony in futuro.

Understanding rehabilitative alimony

Like most in Clarksville, you may assume that the awarding of alimony is a fairly cut-and-dry process: you earn the right to receive it from your ex-spouse until you remarry or either of you dies. Many often come to us here at Runyon and Runyon with the same assumption, only to later find out that is not always the case. There are actually different types of spousal support, one of the more common being rehabilitative alimony.

Enforcing an alimony obligation through a wage garnishment

When you and your ex-spouse establish your alimony agreement in Clarksville, you may initially feel confident that he or she will fulfill that obligation. Many of those that we here at Runyon and Runyon work with may have had that same confidence, only to end up struggling financially due to months and months of unpaid spousal support. If that accurately describes that situation that you are currently in, you should know that you do have resources to help collect alimony arrears. One such resource is a wage garnishment.

Will I ever be able to stop paying alimony?

If you have been ordered to pay spousal support to your ex, chances are the obligation is like a thorn in your side. Regardless of how amicable or contentious your divorce may have been, the fact that you are still linked to your ex (even if only financially) can make any person feel at least a little resentful.

Spousal support: It isn't guaranteed

There are many things you should expect to happen when you get divorced. Your assets will be divided, your tax filing status will change and you will have to start complying with a parenting plan if you have kids. These things will happen whether you want them to or not.

How much alimony can I expect in a Tennessee divorce?

Readers of this blog should be aware of the fact that alimony (also called spousal support or maintenance) is not automatically awarded in any Tennessee divorce. It must first be determined -- through mediation, in accordance with a prenup or by the courts -- that alimony is in fact appropriate.

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