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March 2017 Archives

What if your ex-spouse violates your visitation agreement?

Even after a Clarksville family court approves the dissolution of your marriage, you and your ex-spouse may continue to have to work together on a number of different issues. One of these may be the custody of your kids. Should your ex-spouse choose to ignore the details of your custody agreement, there may be little you can do on your own to enforce it. What sort of recourse does the law afford to you in such a situation?

How should you and your ex-spouse determine custody on holidays?

Holidays can be one of the most difficult times for divorced parents in Clarksville as many may be left to spend them without their children. If you and your spouse are going through a divorce, you may wonder exactly what sort of custody or visitation rights you will be granted on special occasions. Many states set stipulations on exactly what holidays the children of divorced couples will spend with each parent. Fortunately, the state of Tennessee may leave that decision up to you.

Seizing property for unpaid spousal support

When married couples in Clarksville choose to separate, alimony may not automatically be awarded to one of them. The court will take a number of factors into consideration when determining if one party should receive such a benefit. Information shared by Time Magazine shows that only about 400,000 Americans receive some form of spousal support. Yet while alimony may not be mandatory in every divorce case, those who become subject to a court order calling for it are legally obligated to pay. If they do not fulfill the obligation, the law has created a number of different methods through which an obliged spouse can collect any arrears.

Collecting unpaid child support from a tax refund

With the arrival of tax season comes the anticipation amongst many in Clarksville that extra money is coming their way in the form of refund. If you are like many of the clients that we here at Runyon and Runyon have worked with who are owed child support, your hope may be that your ex-spouse will use any refund he or she receives to repay his or her child support arrears. You may be pleased to learn that you can actually petition to have his or her return held in order to meet his or her obligation.

Are your rights affected if your grandchildren are adopted?

Your relationship with your grandchildren in Clarksville is likely one that you treasure, and one that you would want to continue no matter what may happen between the children and their parents. You may also view this desire as your right given your relationship, yet are you aware exactly how this assumed right may be affected if something did indeed happen that impacted your grandchildren’s parental situation? What if your grandchildren were removed from one (or both) of their parents’ custody and placed into foster care (and subsequently, adopted)?

Kidnapping of 17-month-old sparked by custody dispute

There may be plenty of couples in Clarksville that choose to have a child yet not marry or even cohabitate. If a couple does choose to do this, the hope may be that the two can work out some sort of agreed parenting plan that can be submitted to a family court. Once that has happened, such an agreement is legally enforceable. However, if no such agreement is ever reached, the issue of who lawfully has custody of the child may remain up in there, even with state guidelines in place addressing such matters.

Do protective orders cover pets?

If you are attempting to escape an abusive marriage in Clarksville, then you likely want to leave along with those in house that you care about. This of course includes any children you may have and yes, your pets. If you are like most pet owners, then you likely feel a kinship with that animal similar to that you may have with a child. Your abuser may recognize this, which could be why in many cases of domestic abuse, the abusers’ aggression is often directed at everyone in a household, including the animals.

Detailing the grounds for divorce in Tennessee

There are any number of reasons why couples in Clarksville may choose to separate, yet few may be aware that the state sets guidelines on what are legal grounds for divorce. If you are like many of those who have come to us here at Runyon and Runyon citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for wanting a divorce, you may not be pleased to learn that getting such a divorce in Tennessee may not be that simple. On top of that, the reason for your divorce may also impact your ability to be awarded alimony.

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