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September 2014 Archives

Child custody basics

When a couple chooses to end a marriage, their assets and property is divided during the divorce process. In divorce cases involving minor aged children, decisions must also be made with regard to child custody and visitation. In the majority of divorce cases, parents are able to come to agreeable terms regarding child custody without court intervention. There are, however, cases in which parents are not able to agree on custody terms and a family court must intervene.

Why is it important to establish paternity?

Many U.S. children are born to unwed mothers. In some cases, a child’s mother and father are together and in a committed relationship. In other cases, a mother and father are estranged or no longer together. Regardless of the relationship between unwed parents, all children have the right to know and be provided with emotional and financial support from both parents.

How is a military divorce different?

Military families are often shaped and challenged by the many sacrifices they are asked to make as a result of a loved one’s service. Many military servicemembers and their spouses and children are forced to relocate multiple times during the course of a servicemember's military career. Additionally, in recent years, thousands of military marriages have been tested by long deployments to active war zones. For these reasons and numerous others, many military marriages end in divorce.

Accounting for child custody changes when heading back to school

As school-age children across Tennessee head back to school, many feel both excitement and anxiety. Parents are likely to feel these same emotions as their lives must now conform to the school calendar and evenings are spent shuttling kids home from after-school activities, helping with homework and enforcing bedtimes. For newly separated or divorced parents, this back-to-school year is likely to be even more hectic and stressful as both parents and child attempt to deal with changes related to child custody arrangements and school schedules.

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