Runyon & Runyon is a personable law firm dedicated to serving its clients through the creation of families through the adoption process. In all adoptions performed in Tennessee, it is necessary to terminate the biological parents' parental rights. This can be done voluntarily or by way of a trial. When the adoption is finalized, the adoptive parents become the child's legal parents, a new birth certificate is issued with the adoptive parents listed as mother and father, and the child's name is changed.

While Runyon & Runyon is known for providing excellent representation to their clients, they are also sensitive and compassionate to the needs of their clients. This is especially true in the adoption process. We also vigorously represent clients whose parental rights are in danger of being terminated.

Runyon & Runyon can assist you with a variety of adoptions. These include adoptions by step-parent; a private agency / state agency; a relative; international; and, adoptions of adults.